How do accidents cause death

Fourth in the list of causes of death in the United States are accidents. A good knowledge of first aid and of resuscitation would save some of the lives lost by accidents. The Red Cross First Aid Book should be studied by everyone. Some people have more accidents than do others for a variety of psychologic reasons. These people are accident-prone.

A simple way to the hospital. If the horses bolt, where would he be? Mashed up in the knives of the mower.

The sledge would really have to miss that post to hit his hands. And he’s out of the way if the head of the sledge should suddenly fly off.

One slip and that belt can break his arm – if not worse. Just a little common sense and a flick of the finger is all that is necessary to make the machine safe to work on. Stop machinery before making adjustments. Never reach through moving belts.

Children have fun wherever they are, but there are safer places to play than the rear end of a tractor. If this boy should fall the towed machinery would roll over him.

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This is a stock situation for a slapstick comedy, but it isn’t funny when it happens to you and you spend months recovering from pitchfork holes in your chest. Put tools away when you’re finished using them.