Can you use xrays to treat acne

The X ray has been found to be one of the most effective treatments. X ray must be given by someone who has specialized in its use. Improperly used, there are great dangers.

Much has been said about controlling the diets of people with acne. Sugar seems to be harmful in many cases. Since there appears to be some sensitivity in the skin of such patients, many specialists insist that those with acne be restricted in their fat, chocolate, alcohol, and iodine. These substances seem sometimes to be especially important in bringing about reduced ability of the skin to resist infection.

Many skin specialists insist also on the avoidance of spicy and peppery foods. Recent research emphasizes the glandular relationship more than previous studies. In many lesions treatment with ointments of hydrocortisone has resulted in prompt improvement, a method which is still experimental.

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The acne that represents ordinary pimples and blackheads comes on chiefly in adolescents who have a tendency toputting out of too much oil by the skin. This oil thickens in the sebaceous glands and forms a plug which is composed of the oil plus the cells of the skin that are gradually being changed from below. A blackhead is formed in this way. Recent studies have shown that anger and remorse can influence the course of acne. Children who are under stress are likely to suffer worse from acne than those not subject to anxiety or other such emotions. For this reason also the administration of glandular material is sometimes quite effective in the treatment of acne. Acne in young girls has been thought to be due to increased development in their bodies of the hormone that forms in the ovary after menstruation. Significant changes take place in the body of the adolescent. The amount of cholesterol in the secretion from the oil glands drops sharply at the time of adolescence.