Why hasn’t the flu pandemic bird flu hit yet

2006 was supposed to be the year of the flu pandemic. It was going to sweep out of the Far East on the wings and beaks of birds that had the bird flu. It was supposed to cause mass panic, government intervention and a possible collapse of socities.Â

It didn’t happen.

Why not?

A new associated press article addresses this question and walks away from the situation with some unique looks.

Dr. Malik Peiris, the man who has been on the forefront of the predictions, says:

Many of us are holding our breath to see what happens in the winter. H5N1 spread very rapidly last year, so the question is, was that a one-off incident?

Yes, that is the question.

Many experts point to the fact that the bird flu hasn’t found an effective way to move from avian carrier to human carrier. That simple process is all that has kept the virus from hitting us hard.